Power Bank

Power Bank

In recent years, with the popularity of smartphones and the development of mobile Internet, power banks have become one of the indispensable electronic devices in people's lives. The production of power banks revolves around the production of power bank PCBA, and the quality of the PCBA directly affects the performance and service life of the power bank. Therefore, for power bank manufacturers, it is crucial to improve the quality of PCBA production and production efficiency.

The advent of power banks has brought a lot of convenience to modern society. People no longer have to worry about their mobile phones, tablets, digital cameras and other devices running out of power while they are out, and they can keep their devices charged at all times. Moreover, power banks are small in size, easy to carry, and do not take up too much space, making them ideal for travel, business trips, outdoor activities and various other scenarios.

1. Application of SMT Production Line and DIP Production Line

SMT and DIP play important roles in power bank production lines. SMT (Surface Mount Technology) and DIP (Dual Inline Package) are the two most commonly used PCB manufacturing technologies in electronic manufacturing. Both methods involve installing components on circuit boards, but they have different advantages, disadvantages, and applicable ranges.

In an SMT factory, SMT and DIP technologies are closely integrated and work together to assemble and weld electronic components, which is a critical process in the production of electronic products such as power banks.

SMT is a modern circuit board manufacturing technology that uses automated equipment to directly paste electronic components onto the surface of the circuit board, rather than inserting them into holes on the board. SMT manufacturing technology can significantly improve production efficiency and quality, and can achieve smaller and more lightweight circuit boards. In power bank production lines, SMT technology can be used to install small components such as resistors, capacitors, crystal oscillators, and LED lights, among others.

2. SMT Process

Solder Paste (Red Glue) Printing --> Components Placement --> Reflow Soldering --> AOI Optical Inspection

3. SMT Line Solution

The rapid development of the electronics manufacturing industry today has raised increasingly higher requirements for production line efficiency and quality, and the application of SMT technology is born to meet these demands. On this basis, we have equipped a basic automatic production line for the production of the PCBA of power banks, aimed at improving production efficiency and product quality.

1 operator to oversee the entire production line, 1 assistant, totaling 2 personnel.

- Automatic PCB Loader

- Fully Automatic SMT Printer

- PCB Conveyor

- SMT Placement Machine

- PCB Conveyor

- Reflow Soldering Oven (6-8 zones)
- Automatic PCB Unloader
- Off-line SMT AOI

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4. DIP Process

Plug-in --> Soldering --> Maintenance --> PCB depaneling machine.

5. DIP Line Solution

Personnel are adjusted according to the product, 3-15 people

For power bank manufacturers, improving production efficiency and reducing production costs is a crucial issue. One effective solution is to use a DIP production line to produce power bank PCBA.

- 6m Insertion Line
- Wave Loader
- Lead-free Wave Soldering Machine
- Wave Unloader

- 6m Belt Assembly Line

To meet the high efficiency and quality production requirements of power bank PCBA, we have equipped the production line with 6m Insertion Line, Wave Loading Machine, Lead-free Wave Soldering Machine, Wave Unloading Machine, 6m Belt Assembly Line.
The length of the 6m Insertion Line can also be adjusted according to production needs, making it highly flexible. The Wave Loader and Unloader are key equipment during the wave soldering process.
use of lead-free wave soldering machine technology can avoid the use of harmful substances that pollute the environment, while also improving the quality of soldering.

In summary, we have equipped this power bank PCBA production line with high-efficiency, high-quality, and high-flexibility equipment, adjusted personnel according to production needs, and improved production efficiency and quality control to provide customers with high-quality products and services.

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6. SMT Production Line and DIP Line Layout

7. SMT Solution Data

SMT Capacity Evaluation 1 set pick and place machine;  production capacity 20000-25000CHIP/H
Total Power 59.5 KW Operating Power 14.5KW
Applicable Product SMD components within 50pcs, 0201-42mm, max PCB width 350mm
DIP Capacity Evaluation Calculated based on the number of componens and the operators
Total Power 16.8 KW
Operating Power 5.8 KW
Applicable Product Low capacity requirements or simple products, Max PCB width 350mm
Workshop Size L20m x W15m , total area 300 ㎡

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