On-line DIP Selective Wave Soldering Machine

On-line DIP Selective Wave Soldering Machine

Selective wave soldering is a special form of wave soldering invented to meet the development requirements of through-hole components soldering. It is mainly suitable for the soldering of through-hole components in high-end electronic products. For example: military electronic products, automotive electronics, switching power supply products and other industries which require higher soldering reliability. I.C.T online selective wave soldering is a high performance equipment developed and assembled in China. For higher flexibility or multiwave soldering for high-volume processes. Parallel process due to the separation of fluxing, preheating and soldering, operation of up to two spray heads, up to five lower preheating with upper convection heating, perfect for the connection to assembly stands and periphery, connection to traceability systems for process control.

I.C.T SS540/ SS550 online selective wave soldering is a high performance equipment developed and assembled in China.

I.C.T Selective Wave Soldering Machine SS540


I.C.T Selective Wave Soldering Machine SS550


❙ Features of selective Wave Soldering Machine

1. PCB plate fixed, spray and soldering platform moving; 

2. High soldering quality, greatly improve the pass rate of soldering; 

3. Modular design of SMEMA online transportation, support customers for flexible line formation; 

4. Full PC control. All parameters can set in PC and saved to PCB menu, like moving path, solder temperature, flux type, solder type, N2 temperature etc, best trace-ability and easy to get repeat soldering quality; 

5. Auto wave height calibration function, to check & calibrate wave’s height after every certain PCB, so to keep a very good stability of wave; 

Features 1 Flux system:

Flux nozzle of selective wave soldering machine

1. German high-frequency pulse injection valve to get precious fluxing result with small flux dot, flux solid content should be less than 10%. The flux nozzle jam detection function is optional.

2. It is configuration with tray under the jet valve to catch the flux residue for easy maintenance.

3. The nozzle is mounted on the XY platform, the accuracy of repetition and positioning can reach 0.02mm.

Features 2 Preheat system:

Features 2 Preheat system

1. The machine is equipped with bottom IR preheating as standard, and the preheating area can be set; top hot air preheating, infrared heating Conduction is efficient and stable. 

2. Design structure for maximizing preheating area.

3. All round high temperature cotton design to ensure temperature stability. 

4. Heat-generating and heat-conducting parts and motors adopt top brands. 

5. Maintenance plug-in design, tool-free maintenance mode.

Features 3 Soldering system:

Features 3 Soldering system

 1. Electromagnetic pump coil adopts Sweden “PRECIMETER” brand to ensure the stability and reliability of the peak.

2. Solder temperature, N2 temperature, wave height, wave calibration etc all able to set in software. 

3. Solder pot is made of stainless steel with anti-corrosion coating, not leakage. With cast iron heater outside, robust & quick heat up.

4. N2 online heating system, to wet the soldering perfectly and reduce the solder dross.

❙ Specification of Selective Wave Soldering Machine

On-line Selective Wave Soldering Machine
Model I.C.T SS540 I.C.T SS550 I.C.T SS550P1
I.C.T SS550P2
On-line Modular Spray + Preheating & Soldering Spray + Preheating + Soldering Spray + Preheating + Soldering +Soldering Spray + Preheating + Soldering + Soldering+ Soldering
Soldering System
Nozzle Quantity 1
1 2 3
Solder Pot Quantity 1 set 1 set 2 set 3 set
Double Pot (Option) N/A Option Option Option
Solder Pot Power 2.35kw 2.35kw 4.70kw 7.05kw
Flux System
Flux Storage Tank 1L 1L 2L 2L
Flux Support Flux Alarm, Automatic
Spray Nozzle Germany Jet Valve (Spot and line spraying) 1 set
Spray Nozzle Size 130um (180um, 210um Option)
Spray Speed 0~20mm/s
Spray Nozzle Move Speed 0~400mm/s
Preheating System
Preheating Mode Hot air and IR Hot air and IR Hot air and IR Hot air and IR
Preheating Area L500*W500mm L500*W500mm L500*W500mm L500*W500mm
Preheating Zone Top hot air: 2, Bottom IR: 1
Bottom Preheating Power Max.12kw
Top Preheating Power Max.6kw
Warm-up Time Approx.15min (setting 150℃)
Control Mode PC+PLC
Transport System
PCB Size (with fixture) 120*60~500*500mm
PCB Replacement Online
PCB Top Clearance 120mm
Transport Height 900±20mm
Transport Width 60~500mm
Dimension:mm L1850*W1850*H1480 L2560*W1750*H1480 L2560*W1950*H1480  L2600*W1950*H1480
Weight Approx: 800kg Approx: 1200kg Approx: 1300kg Approx: 1500kg

* I.C.T keeps working on quality and performance, specifications and appearance may be updated without particular notice.

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