JUKI KE-3020VA High-Speed Flexible Pick and Place

JUKI Pick and Place Machine with Best Price

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Best price and quality SMT machine JUKI pick and place machine, JUKI placement, JUKI chip mounter, JUKI chip shooter, for flexible SMT assembly line.

1. From 0402(01005) to 74mm square components or 50×150mm
2. KE-3020VA
a. One multi-nozzle laser head (6 nozzles) plus
one IC head with CDS sensor (1 nozzle)
b. Placememt speed:
(Chip): 20,900CPH chip (Laser centering / Optimum); 17,100CPH chip (Laser centering / IPC9850)
(IC): 9,470CPH (Vision centering / MNVC)
3. The use of electronic double tape feeders enables mounting of a maximum of 160 component types.
4. MNVC is standard
5. High-speed, on-the-fly vision centering
(When using both high-resolution camera and MNVC)
6. High speed feeding of tray components (Option)
7.Longer sized PWB in X axis(option)

8. PoP placement(option)

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