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Automatic Screwing Robot

❙ Introduce of Automatic Screwing Robot

This machine include two parts: electric screwdriver and automatic screwfeeder.It puts the automatic screwfeeder together with the electric screwdriverinordertoachieve the complementofscrew transmissionandfix,whichcan greatlyimprovetheproductionefficiencyandsave manpower.Oncethescrewdriverisliftedafterlockingascrew,anotherscrewwillbesentcontinuouslytocontinue theoperation,whichis particular suitable for the work piece of multi-station with the same specification.
1. Cost saving:High-efficiency operation is achieved by onlyone person's efficiencyamounts to 3-5 persons' efficiency.
2. High efficiency:the number of electric screwdriver of the Z axis is customizable according to customers' requirements. Several electric screwdriverscanworkatthesame time.
3.X,Y,Z,axisadoptqualitystep motorwithit'scontorlsystem,makemachine runsmoothlyandprecisely.
4.Windows 7Englishoperationsystem,usetouchscreenwithwirelesscontrollerandteachmethodforprogramming,workingveryeasy. 5.Self-developedadvancedsoftware,fool-styleprogrammingwithwirelesscontrollerlikeplaygame ,allparameters canbesetinoneprogram. 6.Oneworkercanoperate 2-3robots.whatthisworkerdoesisonlypickandplace fixture.
7. Robot is strictly customized based on requirements on products,in line with requirements of production line.


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❙ Specification of Automatic Screwing Robot

Model I.C.T-SR330
Max. Range Size
300*300mm, Z:80mm
500*400mm, Z:80mm
600*400mm, Z:80mm
Head Number
1 1 2
Platform Number
1 2 2
Screw Feeding
Pick and Place,Magnetic
Traction Teaching Program
Driving Mode
Closed-loop Motor
Control Mode
Microcontroller+Touch Panel
❙ I.C.T Customer Factory

 Russia SMT production line (smart appliances)

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For SMT Factory Setup, We Can Do for You:

1.  We Provide Full SMT Solution for You

2.  We Provide Core Technology With Our Equipments

3.  We Provide The Most Professional Tech Service

4.  We Have Wealthy Experience on SMT Factory Setup

5.  We Can Solve Any Question About SMT

❙ I.C.T Exhibition

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❙ Automatic Screwing Robot Certificate

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❙ I.C.T Global Service

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 ❙ FAQ

Q: What we can do for you?
A: Total SMT Machines and Solution, professional Technical Support and Service.
Q:Are you a trade company or a manufacturer?
A: OEM & ODM service are available.
Q: What is your delivery date?
A: The delivery date is about 35 days after receipt of payment.
Q: What is your payment terms?
A: 30% deposit in advance and 70% balance before shipment.
Q: What your main customers?
A: Huawei,Foxconn,Vtech,Sumida,Kemet,Vishay,Bosch,Canon.
Q:  Why choose us?
A: Leading SMT Supplier in China; Trade assurance to USD 560,000+; Professional after-sales service team.
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 Automatic Screwing Robot

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