Poland (BATEKO) - Battery Chargers Customer


  Poland BATEKO

  Cooperation time - 2018 year

  Project Battery Chargers and Adapters

❙  Solutions - fully automatic SMT Assembly Line

SMT Assembly Line: PCB loader, full-auto SMT stencil printer, SMT conveyor, Hanwha pick and place machine SM482 Plus, reflow oven, PCB unloader.

I.C.T-Polan Reflow Soldering Oven19.11 group photo.jpg I.C.T Polan-Full-auto SMT Production Line and Reflow Oven and Placement Machine19.11.jpg

This Full-auto SMT Production Line Used to Produce Battery Chargers and Adapters. On Nov 25th, 2019, ETA Engineer Peter Went to Poland to Install and Train the Fully Automatic SMT Production Line. and to Solve Production Problems and Provide Professional Technical Support for Customers.

❙  Customer Feedback and SMT Assembly Line Video