Full-auto LED LENS Production Line in Poland


Full-auto LED LENS Production Line in Poland

Lena Lighting S.A., a leading high-quality lighting manufacturer from Poland, is making its mark on 70 markets worldwide.

Established in 1989, Lena Lighting S.A. has garnered great appreciation, particularly in Western Europe and the Scandinavian Peninsula, where they are known for their professionalism and high-quality products.

In 2021, they partnered with us, ICT, to acquire a fully automated LED lens SMT production line. To meet their specific requirements, our engineers devised a comprehensive plan for Lena Lighting S.A., which includes the installation of the Vacuum Magazine SMT Loader, Full-auto SMT Printer P6561, two SM481Plus Pick and Place Machine, I.C.T. 10 zones Reflow Oven Lyra733, Online SMT SPI, Online Dispensing Machine, Conveyors, and more.

I.C.T SMT Laser Marking machine-Conveyor.jpg I.C.T SMT Reflow Oven-Pick and Place Machine.jpg