I.C.T On-line Glue Potting Line Solution

Potting Solution:

On-line Glue Potting Line Solution

This solution through the automatic glue potting machine, vacuumizing and automatic curing, the whole glue potting process is automated. With the aid of fixture, labor is saved and the purpose of standardization is achieved. Process:Loader+Potting+Vacuum+Potting+Vacuum+Curing+Unloader.

Glue Potting machine

Product Description

Glue Potting Machine I.C.T GP800
Glue Potting machine

1. Touch operation interface, easy to learn and understand. 
2. 2500 groups of glue filling parameters can be stored, and the glue filling of the same workpiece does not need to be
3. The glue dispensing speed and time can be set by parameters, and the glue output is stable without glue leakage. 
4. Save labor, and one equipment can reach the output of traditional 5-6 people. 
5. Mix according to the demand to realize glue filling while mixing, so as to save glue to the greatest extent. 
6. Double barrel design, a glue and B glue are stored separately to ensure that the glue will not solidify after being placed
    for a long time. 
7. The mixing ratio is 1:1, dynamic / static mixing is adopted, and the mixing is uniform and sufficient. 
8. Unique control system, not affected by air pressure factors, to avoid uneven glue, wire drawing, bubbles and other
9. According to the production needs, multi head glue can be used to effectively improve the production process and efficiency. 
10.Optional glue mixing, heating and vacuum defoaming function are reserved, which is suitable for different kinds of pouring processes.

Glue Potting machine

Model I.C.T GP800
Nozzle Number 1(Multiple head is option)
Axis Number 3-Axis X,Y,Z
Table Size <500*500mm
Z-axis Adjustment 0-100mm
Cleaning Auto
Gluing material Silicone,epoxy.PU,etc.
Glue viscosity <20000
Power Supply AC:220±10%,50/60HZ, 2.5Kw
Control Method PLC+Touch screen
Dimension(mm) L1800*W1800*H1500
Weight Approx:580kg

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