Antioxidant Sn100c Lead Free Solder Bar For Solder Wave

I.C.T | Antioxidant Silver Soldering Tin Lead Free Solder Bar for Solder Wave


I.C.T has been working with suppliers to develop environmentally friendly lead-free solders and related materials and can now supply products that deliver high reliability. We also stand ready to work with customers in developing improved soldering materials and processes.Our objective is maximizing customer satisfaction by achieving the best possible quality and yield.

Solder Bar       SN100C Solder Bar

For Wave Soldering SN100C(Sn-Cu-Ni+Ge)

SN100C is being used in thousands of wave soldering machines around the world and has proved its reliability in products exposed to the most severe service environments.

Solder Bar


●The trace addition of Ni means fewer shorts and no shrinkage defects.

 ●Ni-stabilized intermetallic layer inhibits copper erosion.
 ●Reliable in harsh environments.
 ●High ductility ensure long service life of joints subjected to cyclic strain.
 ●SN100C is formulated for minimal generation of dross.

High Reliability Lead-Free Solder SN100C(Sn-Cu-Ni+Ge)

Lead-Free Solder Bar


● The fifinely dispersed microstructure of SN100C makes it possible to roll very thin foil without defects. The eutectic behavior of SN100C (Sn-0.7Cu-0.05Ni+Ge) lead-free preforms means good melting characteristics during reflow. The superior properties of SN100C with low intermetallic growth provide high reliability and flflexibility.

High Temperature Dipping and Tinning Solder SN100C3・SN100C4

SN100C Solder Bar


SN100C3 and SN100C4 make it possible to carry out dip soldering and tinning operations with minimum copper erosion.

TOP Advantage of Wave Solding Machine:

Simple: combined with advanced international concepts, based on the Oriental-designed operating system, easy to learn, easy to maintain.

Expertise: learn imported reflow oven’s advanced design concepts, and the components are using imported top brands.

Hedging: Import hardware configuration,low failure rate in production,more than a decade service life.

Safety: Based on the general rules of international design, close to imported reflow rating, the highest security level.

Stable: mature software, hardware and top production processes ensures stability of each equipment.

wave soldering machine - Design Concept

Design Concept



Open Design

Modular Structure

Easy Maintenance

Tool-free Concept


Alloy Product code Melting point(℃)
Sn Ag Cu Ni Ge Other
Sn-Cu-Ni SN100C R - 0.7 0.05 ≦0.01 - 227
R - 0.7
0.05 ≦0.01 - 227
SN100C3 R - 3.0 0.05 ≦0.01 - 227-310
SN100C4 R - 4.0
0.05 ≦0.01 - 227-310

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A: Total SMT Machines and Solution, professional Technical Support and Service.
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A: OEM & ODM service are available.
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A: The delivery date is about 35 days after receipt of payment.
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