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The Role of SMT Production Line Pick and Place Machine

The Role of SMT Production Line Pick and Place Machine

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SMT is surface mount technology (Surface Mount Technology) (abbreviation of Surface Mount Technology), called surface mount or surface mount technology. It is currently the most popular technology and craft in the electronics assembly industry. It is a kind of surface assembly components without leads or short leads (SMC/SMD for short, chip components in Chinese) mounted on the surface of a printed circuit board (Printed Circuit Board, PCB) or other substrates. Circuit assembly technology in which reflow soldering or dip soldering is used for soldering and assembly.

Mounting machine: also known as "mounting machine", "Surface Mount System" (Surface Mount System), in the production line, it is configured after the dispenser or screen printing machine, by moving the placement head to mount the surface A device where components are accurately placed on PCB pads.

The placement machine is the production equipment with the highest technical content on the SMT production line. It is responsible for accurately and non-destructively placing the components on the designated position of the PCB circuit board. There are many techniques to measure the performance of the placement machine, the most important are the placement speed, Mounting accuracy, PCB size, mounting range, etc. In the entire SMT production line, users often focus on the placement machine, and its performance is the main criterion for determining the production line.

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