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The Composition and Classification of SMT Line

The Composition and Classification of SMT Line

The SMT production line is composed of a lot of production equipment, and the work of each production equipment is not the same, but the ultimate goal of each equipment is a printed circuit board. SMT's production equipment has the characteristics of full automatic, high precision, high speed and high efficiency.
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Generally, the main production equipment of the SMT production line includes solder paste printing machines, dispensers, placement machines, reflow soldering and wave soldering machines. Auxiliary equipment includes inspection A0l equipment, X-RAY equipment, SPI equipment, rework equipment, cleaning equipment, drying equipment And material storage equipment, etc.
Depending on the degree of automation, production scale and production attributes, we can also divide the production line into the following types:
According to the degree of automation: it can be divided into fully automatic production line and semi-automatic production line.
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According to the size of the production line: the production line of printed circuit boards can be divided into large, medium and small production lines. The large-scale production line has a large production capacity. A large-scale single-sided production line placement machine is composed of a general-purpose machine and multiple high-speed machines. Small and medium-sized production lines are mainly suitable for research institutes and small and medium-sized enterprises, satisfying multiple varieties, small and medium batches or single varieties. Production tasks for small and medium batches can use fully automated production lines or semi-automatic production lines.

According to different classifications of production products: the production line of printed circuit board can be divided into single production line and double production line. The single production line of printed circuit boards is composed of automatic surface assembly equipment such as printing machines, placement machines, reflow ovens, test equipment, etc. It is mainly used to assemble SMC / SMD products on only one side of the PCB.

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