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SMT Line Machine - SMT Stencil Printer

SMT Line Machine - SMT Stencil Printer

ETA full SMT/ DIP solution provider, we offers high quality semi-auto SMT line, low cost LED production line, and high speed SMT production line, best solutions and service.

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Many SMT process engineer have many years experience on SMT field, but there have some automatic stencil printer cold knowledge they may don't know, so today let we tell you.
1. If you need to start to use the Stencil Printing Machine, You must need to prepare these things.
a) Solder paste
b) Stencil
c) Alcohol
d) Clean Paper
2. Many factory and many SMT line don't need the SPI machine, because automatic printer have the function of inspect solder paste.
3. If you increase a Intelligent Solder Paste Supply System, you don't have to arrange a person to look at the machine all the time, and there will be a lack of solder paste just like that.
4. If you have a double-sided board, and the components are very large, you can add a dispensing function. Will not fall off because of heavy components when turned over.
5. What is the best effect of the scraper pressure? The answer is 3 kilograms of force.
6. A skilled process engineer, does it take half an hour to replace the stencil? The answer is no, just 5 minutes.
7. What should I do if I can't use the block thimble and the cylindrical thimble when encountering a board of the opposite sex? We also have an eccentric thimble, which can perfectly avoid blockers.

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