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Main SMT Line Machines in SMT Factory

Main SMT Machines in SMT Factory

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SMT line, SMT assembly lineSMD line, SMT production line configuration (three core production equipment)
The general SMT production process includes three steps of solder paste printing, placement and reflow soldering. The placement machine is the primary core device: it is used to achieve high-speed, high-precision, fully automatic placement of components, and is related to the efficiency and precision of the SMT production line. It is the most critical and complex equipment.

  SMT printer

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The SMT printer has semi-automatic and fully automatic options. Semi-automatic can't be connected with other SMT devices. It requires human intervention (such as transfer board), but it is much cheaper and simpler. Fully automatic printing machine with high degree of automation and high efficiency for large-scale production.

  Pick and place machine

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Regardless of whether it is a mainframe manufacturer or a medium-sized machine manufacturer, the recommended SMT production line generally consists of two placement machines: a chip component placement machine and an IC component placement machine. It is also possible to use only one multi-function placement machine, and the multi-function placement machine can perform placement of all components.

  Reflow oven

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Reflow soldering equipment is developing with high efficiency, versatility and intelligence. There are reflow ovens with unique multi-jet airflow control, reflow ovens with nitrogen protection, reflow ovens with partial forced cooling, and component temperature monitoring. Reflow oven, reflow oven with dual conveyor, reflow oven with central support, etc. In addition to these new reflow ovens, intelligent reflow ovens have also emerged. The adjustment operation is controlled by a built-in computer. In the window window operating environment, it is convenient to input various data using a keyboard or a light pen, and quickly The reflow process curve is taken out or replaced in the memory, saving adjustment time and improving production efficiency.
  SMT Production Line
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