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How to Adjust Wave Soldering Wave Height

How to Adjust Wave Soldering Wave Height

Wave Soldering

Wave soldering uses molten liquid solder to form a solder wave of a specific shape on the liquid surface of the solder bath by the action of the pump. The PCB on which the components are inserted is placed on the transmission chain and passes through a specific angle and a certain immersion Depth passes through the solder wave to realize the process of solder joint soldering. In the wave soldering process, the wave height adjustment of wave soldering is also an important link. Let's share how to adjust the wave height of wave soldering,  wave soldering machineDIP soldering, selective soldering machine.

Wave soldering

In essence, we adjust the shape of different peaks to find this "balance point" to meet different customer needs. (This is what we often call the "de-sinking point") Generally speaking, simple PCBs do not have high requirements on the peaks, and complex PCB boards have strict requirements on the peaks. In terms of high-density mixed boards, the T component requires the first peak to provide a trapezoidal high shock wave that can be soldered for 2 seconds to correspond to the shielding effect; the package and the mating component require a solderable time of 3-4 seconds "Stable Crest". Each component basically puts forward requirements for the solder wave according to its own characteristics. Packages and strips with large heat capacity are suitable for advection waves, while strips with small heat similar to the package are suitable for arc waves. .

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