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An Essential Equipment for a Full-auto SMT Production Line

An Essential Equipment for a Full-auto SMT Production Line

SMT production line is also called surface assembly technology. It is a new generation of electronic assembly technology developed from hybrid integrated circuit technology. It is characterized by the use of component surface mounting technology and reflow soldering technology. It has become a new generation of assembly technology in electronic product manufacturing. . The wide application of SMT has promoted the miniaturization and multi-functionalization of electronic products, providing conditions for mass production and low defect rate production.
The SMT production line is divided into fully automatic and semi-automatic. Then, what equipment is required to configure a fully automatic SMT production line? Below, Shenzhen ETA Technology will briefly introduce it.
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Automatic SMT production line
1. Solder paste mixer. The solder paste mixer can effectively mix the tin powder and solder paste evenly. Achieve more perfect printing and reflow soldering effects, save manpower and standardize this operation. 
2. Oven, used to bake circuit board when necessary to remove moisture from the circuit board.
3. SMT board loading machine, used for automatic board feeding when PCB is placed in Rack
4. Solder paste printing machine, used for printing PCB circuit board solder paste, which is arranged in front of the placement machine.
5. SPI solder paste thickness gauge, used to measure the thickness, area, volume and other distribution of solder paste (red glue) printed on the PCB after the solder paste printing machine
6. The placement machine is a device that accurately places surface mount components on the PCB pads by moving the placement head.
7. Reflow soldering furnace, which is the subsequent process of the SMT production line, is responsible for melting the solder of the mounted PCB circuit boards and components and bonding it to the main board. There are also many types of reflow soldering furnaces, such as hot air reflow soldering furnace, nitrogen reflow soldering furnace, hot wire reflow soldering furnace, hot gas reflow soldering furnace, laser reflow soldering furnace, etc., which are arranged behind the placement machine
8. AOI detector, used after the placement machine, this is called pre-weld inspection, which is used to detect the placement of components before welding, such as electronic component deviation, reverse, missing parts, reverse white, side stand, etc. Defective; can also be used behind the reflow soldering furnace. This is called post-weld inspection. It detects poor soldering after electronic component reflow soldering furnace, deviation, missing parts, reverse re-detection and more tin, less tin, etc. Defects such as empty welding.
9. SMT connection station, used to connect the connection device in the middle of SMT production equipment.
10. SMT off board machine is mainly used to receive and store the circuit board after reflow soldering.
If the enterprise wants to set up a complete fully automatic SMT production line, the above equipment is essential, and the enterprise can also configure some other SMT peripheral equipment (such as: plate turning machine, plate falling machine, parallel transplanting machine, etc.) as needed .

Shenzhen ETA Technology specializes in independent research and development, production, sales, and system development of high-precision electronic circuit assembly equipment and peripheral equipment. The company has independent product development, program design, manufacturing, installation and commissioning, after-sales service, and it can customize an automated equipment production line that meets customer requirements for the SMT placement industry.

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