Bulgaria ​(ADITREID) - Camera Customer


❙  Customer - Bulgaria ADITREID LTD.

❙  Cooperation time - 2018 year

❙  Project - Camera

❙  Solutions - Fully automatic SMT production line

On December 1st, eta engineer peter installed and trained a fully automatic SMT production line for a Poland customer. On December 2nd, he flew to Bulgaria to install and train a fully automatic SMT production line for the customer ADITREID LTD. and solved the production problem. after the training, the customer invited peter to watch a dance show with local characteristics. thanks very much for customer recognition and hospitality.

The machines of this full-auto SMT production line include: solder paste mixer, PCB loader, Full-auto SMT stencil printer, SMT conveyor, Hanwha/Samsung pick and place machine SM482 plus, SMT shuttle conveyor, reflow oven, PCB unloader.

ETA Global Service SMT Production Line
SMT Production Line SMT Line

SMT Conveyor Reflow Oven

❙ SMT Production Line Video