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Structure of MMI Menu of Hanwha SM482L placement

The menu structure and the functions of each menu of MMI (Man-Machine Interface), which serves as the application program for the operation of this machine, are briefly explained in this chapter. For detailed information on each menu, please refer to “Chapter 6Board Definition” ~ “Chapter 16 Production Information Management”.

 2.1. Man-Machine Interface (MMI)

 2.1.1. Menu Tree

 Figure2.1 Menu Tree of MM

pick and place.png 

2.1.2. Summary of functions

 This section includes information on all the menus that are displayed on the MMI main

 window. The submenus of Shortcut Menu File Shortcut Menu

·  New

 Used to create a new PCB file.

· Open

 Used to edit an existing PCB file.

·  Save

 Used to save an opened file.

·  Save As

 Used to save an opened file under a different name.

· Recent File

 Displays a list of files worked on recently.

·  Merge

 Merges the part library files.

· ErrorMsgBar Show/Hide

 ErrorMsgBar Show/Hide.

·  Windows Tools

  Explorer: Indicates the Windows Explorer.

  Calculator: Indicates the calculator.

  Paint: Indicates the Paint.

  Notepad: Indicates the Notepad.

·  Exit

 Ends MMI session and goes back to Windows or terminates the operation of the

 machine. Tools Shortcut Menu

· Homing

 Returns the motors for the X, Y, Z, theta (R) and mirror axes to the point of origin.

· SMVision

 Changes the operation mode.


 Registers various information on the ANC (Auto Nozzle Changer).

·  Operation mode

 Changes the operation mode.

·  Conveyor

 Executes the conveyor dialog box.

·   Position

 Used when it is necessary to refer to the current coordinate of each driving axis during

 teaching or calibration.

· Manual Tool

 Used when it is necessary to refer to the current coordinate of each driving axis during

 teaching or calibration.

·   Dump Info.

 Used to check the message window indicating the information on the parts and feeders

 dumped due to placement error.

· Dump all

 Used to dump all parts picked up by the head to the dump box.

·  Docking Cart

 Used to manipulate the movement of the docking cart clamp in the machine to which

 the docking cart is applied.

· PM Manager

 The PM Manager is a management menu that is used for the maintenance of the

 machine in the MMI (Man-Machine Interface), an application program for machine

 operation. The items to be inspected as well as check periods can be checked through

 the PM Manager, and the machine can be managed more efficiently through the

 schedule check function. For more details, refer to the “Appendix. PM Manager’s

 Guide” of “Administrator’s Guide”.  w Data Logging

 Used to find the cause of problems occurring in the machine. The submenus of the help menu

· Language

 Enables indication of the messages in English while operating the equipment.

· About

 Displays the equipment’s application program’s current version and miscellaneous



· Help

 Provides the help in HTML format for the application program of this equipment. Main Toolbar The submenu tool-bars of the PCB Edit menu tool-bar

· Board

 Register various information on the board to be produced..

· Part

 Register various information about the components to be placed.

·  Feeder

 Sets the data related to the Tape, Stick, and Tray Feeder.

·  Step

 Defines the step for placement operation.

· ANC Cfg

 Displays the nozzle information in case the ANC setting of the current PCB file is

 different from that of the current system.

· Cycle

 Checks the cycle by step.

· Opti

 Executes Optimizer..

· Cancel

 Closes the dialog box for the Board, Part, Feeder, and Step.

· Layout

 Indicates the shape of PCB and placement position of the parts.



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