ETA Multi Group Blades PCB V-cut Machine

1.PLC Control,with device for counting,preset processproduction distance.

2.Multi group blades to separate PCB array each time,suitable for buck production. 

3.Blades slight adjustment in 0 to 5.0mm.

4.Distance amoung is adjustable,suitable for PCB single strip of width 15 to 20mm. 

5.Blades apply material of high speed steel of the imported,long life and durable. 

6.Turn the knob to set separation speed.

7.separation length is unlimited.

8.PCB separation thickness: 0.2 to 5.0mm.

9.PCB move out by the conveyor belt,direct intersection with production line. 

10.PCB material as fibre board, aluminum board and other special board.

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