ETA Multi Blades LED Separator

1.Unique way to separate PCB, totally six pieces of circular blades to work on it,two blades(up

 and down) each group,work as a Unit.

The whole process divides into three phases: A,B and C.Firstly Group-A separate 40%,Group-

B follows to separate next 40% along the same V-slot of Group-A,Balance 20%

Group-C. Since each separation is short,internal strength decreased 80% compared with old

way of separation,in this way,the Board won`t get deformed,especially the Board of


2.Multi times of separation, the whole process is really stable,bad situation is avoided.

 3.Blades made by Taiwan,life would be over one year.

4.All blades are calibrated by dual-frequency laser interferometer,Blade tip jump would be

 limited within 0.02mm,to ensure separation quality.

6.Able to extraly configure platform of stainless steel, of size 1.2 meter and 2.4 meter. 

7.Slight accurate adjustment of top and bottom blade.

8.Blades can be sharpened for many times after worn

9.Block part custom-made for convenient separation on PCB of different width 

10.Free adjustment on X and Y axis, raise the accuracy of separation

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