ETA Moving Blade PCB Depaneling Machine

1.Controlling by microcomputer,high stability and accurate positioning.

2.Higher speed can improve cutting result,make the boards away from burr.

3.Blade height slight adjustment in 0 to 2mm,platform height adjustable in 0 to 50mm,to fit

PCBof different thickness,and solve the problem of different V-slot depth.

4.Manually Set the position to stop automatically according to specific length of the PCB.

5.PCB width no restriction,max thickness amoung V-slot is 0.25 to 2.0mm.

6.Blades material is the imported high speed steel ,it can be sharpened again when in need.

7.Conveyor belt is optional , conveniently transfer finished PCB out.

8.Stop block can be used for different PCBs, to raise working efficiency.

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