ETA LED Separator

1.PCB cutting length is unlimited.

2.Cutting speed is adjustable by knob manually.

3.Limited inner strength, not easy to get crack.

4.Blade edge height is adjustable according to different PCB thickness and V-slot depth.

5.Cutting by circular blades, few dust or residue generates; drive by motor , less pollution.

6.Cutting is not realized by friction, so there won`t be any metal residue.

7.Blade is made in taiwan, the material is the high speed steel from Japan.

8.Host is made by A-alloy and finish in one time,handy,less space occupied.

9.Blade are able to be adjusted accurately, compatible to all PCBs as long as it has V-slot.

10.Professional Machine for LED Boards with 1.2 meter Platform.

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