SAMSUNG Multi-Functional Pick and Place Machine 481 Plus

SM-482 Plus Feature

The SM482PLUS can be applied to components from 0603 microchips to □22mm IC components by applying the on-the-fly recognition technology patented by Hanwha, which

 enables component placement at the highest speed among all medium speed component placers. In addition, it can recognize components of □42mm with 0.4mm fine pith with

 a 45mm camera by applying a high pixel Camera system to the Fix camera. It also allows high precision (30 micron) placement of IC components and provides a polygon

 recognition algorithm for easy registration of components of complicated shapes.

1,Powerful Camera algorithm

Increases the recognition accuracy using the component image noise removal function and auto-teaching function. The Fly camera helps recognize and calibrate the components including Chip, TR,

BGA, QFP, etc., while moving them to the placement position after pickup.

● Automatic Real Time Pickup Position Calibration System 

● Polygon Function

Abstracts and recognizes a component wholly

Pick and Place Machine

2. Panorama view

For components whose size exceeds the FOV of a camera, the panorama view function that combines split component images into one is used. The solution optimized for

 irregular shaped SMD components is provided by teaching the pickup/placement position easily.

 LED Pick and Place Machine 2

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