SAMSUNG Flexible Pick and Place Machine 482 Plus

SM-481 Plus Feature

The SM481PLUS can perform high-speed placement of chips at 40,000CPH and QFPs at one per 1.1 seconds, respectively (each at optimum speed) by applying the on-the-fly

 recognition technology patented by Hanwha, which enables component placement at the highest speed among all medium speed component placers. With one-gantry structure

 having a high-speed piano head with 10 nozzles, the machine can be operated with minimum manpower using one side of the machine. Being able to produce long boards with

 lengths of up to 1,500mm, the machine boasts of its applicability to the largest PCBs among SM series component placers.

1,500mm long board

Two-staged placement using an extended conveyor allows production of long boards with lengths of up to 1. 500mm. (The SM482PLUS can produce boards with lengths of up to 1,200mm)

SAMSUNG Flexible Pick and Place Machine 482 Plus

2. One-side operation

With single gantry and single lane structures optimized for machine operation using only one side of the machine, the production area and manpower can be utilized efficiently.

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