SAMSUNG Flexible Pick and Place Machine 471 Plus

SM-471 Plus Feature

The SM471PLUS is a high performance chip shooter which applies two gantries equipped with 10 spindles per head as well as a new Fly Camera system. Compared to the

 existing SM471 model, its placement speed is increased further to 78,000CPH, which is the highest in the world among chip shooters of the same class. In addition, it is

 basically applicable to components from 0402 (01005inch) chips to maximum □14mm IC components. Its actual productivity and placement quality is improved by applying high-

speed and high precision electrical feeders. With two gantries and dual lane, the SM471PLUS supports various production modes to maximize the productivity of SM series


1.Dual lane and shuttle conveyor maximizes the productivity of SM series component placers.

Dual lane production maximizes the productivity of small boards and the shuttle conveyor ensures extensibility to the production of large boards.

Pick and Place Machine

2. Supports for various production modes according to production characteristics

Join Mode
Common use of front and rear feeders (less than D 250mm)
Single Mode
Production of medium- and large-sized boards (greater than D 250mm)
Twin Mode
Separate placement at front and rear sides (less than D 250mm)

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