ETA LED LENS Pick and Place Machine

1.ETA unique mounting pressure control system , full closed-loop mount control system in Z-axis placement process to ensure the effective height and placement accuracy .
2.ETA exclusive image recognition system uses digital identification and equips with new industrial cameras, recognition speed is slower than mounting speed, not affecting placement efficiency. Individual imaging of each component ,no error.
3.New digital image processing software, GPU-based computing processing, and default 12 kinds of elements algorithms and settings.
4.The first domestically servo motor controlled independently arm with four heads to achieve a maximum speed 24,000 CPH ,excellent consistency patch effect, optimum placement speed and accuracy.
5.High precision hardware, imported top brands core parts to en sure placement precision like rail , screw, control systems, communication systems and so on.
6.The highest configuration, the products meet standards and specifications, like 98/37/EC CE Machine directive、 89/336/EEC CE EMC directive、73/23/EEC CE Low voltage directive、SMEMA Standard、SEMI S2 Safety standard、SEMI S8 Ergonomics standard、SEMI E10 RAM、SEMI E58 ARAM、SEMI E95 Human Interfaces standard etc.
7.ETA independently develops the English operating system on the basis of imported placement machines to ensure the simplicity and convenience of the operator.
8.Using industrial-grade computer control and WINDOWS operating system to ensure the stable operation.
9.Standard feeder with sensor to prevent components hip up to ensure safe operation.
10.Adopt Panasonic digital pressure testing, with alarming component shortages function, even in the case of lacking of material and components, the operator can also replenish components,thus will not affect the production of the highest efficiency.

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