Camera Module Cleaning Machine ETA-C800

❙ Introduce of Camera Module Cleaning Machine

ETA C800 is a camera module professional cleaning machine for the camera products, such as wafer, CMOS, Holder and other surface dust cleaning.
ETA-5600 PCBA cleaning machine can effectively clean the residuals on SMT / THT welding PCBA, such as: rosin flux, water-soluble flux , non-clean flux ,solder paste and other organic and inorganic contaminations.
Mainly used in aviation, aerospace, medical, new energy, automotive electronics, meters industries, especially suitable for small amount, multiple types PCBA cleaning.

1.the camera class module surface dust, impurities for cleaning machines;
2.mirror stainless steel integration closed body, no pollution of the working environment, suitable for use of clean room requirements;
3.can replace the cleaning plate cleaning a variety of products, cleaning discs by product custom;
4.PLC automatic control, easy to operate;
5.transparent explosion-proof front door, safe operation, easy to observe;
6.the whole system instrument display, at any time to monitor the cleaning situation;
7.the use of two fluid cleaning, cleaning high precision, zero damage to the product, pure water consumption is minimal; 
8.rotating spray bar, to avoid secondary pollution products;
9.equipped with static elimination device, cavity wall heating device, auxiliary cleaning to achieve the best results; 
10.equipped with 2 air filtration system, compressed air in line with ISO8573, 1 standard;
11.body compact, small footprint;
12.full use of ultra-pure water cleaning, RoHS-compliant.
13.Totally SUS304 structure, very firm and attractive.

❙ Specification of Camera Module Cleaning Machine

Item ETA-C800
Cleaning plate size
Custom (cleaning disc diameter <ø550mm)
Cleaning method Two fluid cleansing
Dry way
High-speed centrifugal drying
Environmental filtering
Air filter
Centrifugal speed 100-1500RPM
Pure water consumption 0-7L/Min
Gas consumption 10-30m3/H
Cleaning pressure Liquid pressure: 3-8Kgf / cm2Air pressure: 0.2-0.5Mpa
DI water supply Flow:> 7LPM Resistivity:> 17MΩ
Pure water inlet diameter Ø 12mm hose or PT1 / 2 "internal thread
Air inlet diameter
Ø 12mm trachea
Drain outlet diameter
PT 1 "internal thread
Outlet diameter
4 "× 2 (need to strengthen the ventilation, wind speed greater than 3m / sec)
DI water supply
DI water pressure
Vent size
Power AC380V/50A/50HZ,7KW
Air supply
Pressure: 0.45-0.7Mpa; flow:> 30m 3/ H (cleanliness meet the cleaning requirements)
When cleaning: 3.5kw / h, Standby: 1kw / h
Machine size
L800 x W960 x H1880(mm)
Machine weight

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 Russia SMT production line (smart appliances)
 Algeria LED TV production line


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 ETA Camera Module Cleaning Machine

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